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My Twilight Thoughts

I loved it but then I hated it.

Things I hated

- Kristen Stewart. You hate the books and you look like you hate this movie by how much effort you put into it. At least pretend that you're falling in love instead of sounding like you're drugged up and that. Bella in the book was happy, not depressed. You made this movie horrible for me.

- WTF was up with suddenly none of the Cullen's besides Alice and Jasper having powers or amplified traits?

- The special effects. Edward's running looked fake and he looked like he only had glitter.

- The meadow/forrest scene. AWKWARDDD!!! And horrificly done.

- Stupid backstory with Carlisle. All they say is that he made Edward and Esme and it was hard for him to do.

- NOT ENOUGH CULLENS!!!!! They cut important scenes or shortened them. Fail, Catherine, fail.

- Bella doesn't do squat for her father unlike in the book. Which was an extremely important part of her book.

- No Ben or Lauren?

- I laughed in places I know I shouldn't have laughed and were trying to be dramatic.

- The ending. WTF?! Victoria isn't even important in New Moon.

Now for the good news...

Things I Loved

- The Cullens. I kept paying attention to Alice, Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper more than Bella and Edward when B/E was supposed to be the thing you're paying attention too.

- Esme and Carlisle were so sweet together. Good charaterizations. Needed more of them

- Emmett and Rosalie were <3!!! You can tell how much they love each other. Nikki did awesome as Rosalie. Needed more of them.

- Jasper and Alice were <3!!! They were so sweet with eachother and when they held hands when they were driving Bella down was sweet. Needed more of them.

- Bella's human friends were so awesome and hilarious. They win.

- Jacob was so cute and sweet!

- RPatzz did pretty good. I was pleased.

- Yay baseball!

To sum it up, the side characters made the movie.

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the baseball scene cracked me up. it was so hardcore all of sudden! lol.
I know! Jasper was FTW though with his batting skills.
That is one of the mental pictures I still have. :D His batting skills were out of this worldddd.
And Alice pitched like a ballerina, did she not? Very true to her character.
I loved how she pitched Very Alice and she looked so graceful and dance like. I love how Jasper doesn't seem in pain when he's around Alice.
I like the fact that vampires wear old time-y baseball uniforms. WHY? Cause they motherfucking CAN.

And Charlie's mustache MADE THE MOVIE. That man's stache needs an AWARD.

On the powers thing. I can't remember what the hell Rosalie's or Emmets or any of theres even are. Wasn't Rosalie's "OMG WOMB OF STONE NO PERIOD !" and Emmet's power was " I am strong and hide edwards scrapbooking stickers."

Carslile was ummm uber self control? Doctory-ness? Esme's was she was like umm super nice? Do the last two count as powers? Cause being super compassionate...would that mean the Dalai lama is secretly a vampire?

I need to see this movie. Because it seems like the principles want out of their contracts SO BAD. And after hearing how fans at the premiere scratched their necks until they bled,and then told Robert "We did this for you!!" I can see why. I would do whatever I could, bashing the movie,books,myself, anything to be released from 3 more years of that.

Rosalie = extreme beauty aka make people bow down to her
Carlisle = extreme compassion
Esme= ability to love a ton
Emmett = super strength
Jasper = ability to manipulate emotion

I just want more Cullens besides Edward. That's all that the movie needed.
(sorry, late the game)

On the powers thing. I can't remember what the hell Rosalie's or Emmets or any of theres even are. Wasn't Rosalie's "OMG WOMB OF STONE NO PERIOD !" and Emmet's power was " I am strong and hide edwards scrapbooking stickers."

Deleted comment

This was me at the movie:

Movie: [Edward/Bella lover scene, but then the rest of the Cullens are watching in the background]
Me: OOO! Look! There's Alice and Jasper, awwww look how cute he is!
Movie: Pay attention to E/B!

Oh yes. That NEEDS to be an icon. Right now. Where did you get that screencap of E/C?
Jasper and his mad batting skills own my soul :D

I really hate that we lost a lot of backstory, especially with Alice and Carlisle. Carlisle is the base of the family, more of the movie should have been focused on him. And Alice never really bonded with Bella, and that's really crucial in the following books and unfortunately soon-to-be movies.
Jasper/bat is the best thing ever.

Yes! Hopefully they'll make it for it in the rest of the movies (Hopefully Breaking Dawn will never be made into a movie *starts praying the movie gods*) I felt like we were getting a taste when to make the movie awesome, it needed the whole meal.

I love your icon! A/J FTW!
I srsly wish there were more Cullens. =( It pissed me off that they all basically had like 5 lines in total. D:


- I laughed in places I know I shouldn't have laughed and were trying to be dramatic.
omfg, our whole theater was laughing too, k.
Catherine needs to realize that the Cullens are where the money's at. And Bella's human friends. AKA, everyone besides Bella and Edward.

Yes! The flashbacks were horrible as well.
Omfg, the flashbacks. Ugh. It was as if it was one of those low-budget films, you know? =/
I just realized something.

Jasper and I currently have the same hair cut.

Do not want.
.......None of the other Cullens have distinct special powers. I mean, Carlisle is very compassionate and Esme loves people a lot and Emmett is really strong and stuff, but it's not really distinct. Powers are supposed to be "rare" among the vampires (Edward refers to Alice and himself as "freaks among freaks.").

Victoria doesn't play so much a role in New Moon as she does in Eclipse....but I guess they're just leaving it open. She is OBVIOUSLY still after Bella.
Jasper had powers, though. They didn't even mention those.
That is very true. I was rather upset about that. D: